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Golf Practice Mat

Golf Practice Mat

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PGM Golf Practice Mat Multifunctional Mini 30X60cm
  • Product category: three-in-one mat, swing mat, cut bar mat

  • Material: PP grass

  • Color: three-in-one green

  • Product material: high quality PP grass, bottom 10mm

  • Product specifications: 30×60cm

  • Long grass cutting area: grass height 40mm

  • Short grass putting area: grass height 12mm

  • Short grass putting area: grass height 8mm

  • Product introduction: This swing mat can be used at home, in the backyard, and used during business trips. It is convenient to carry and practice golf products. You can practice golf skills at any time.

  • Three-in-one multi-function features:

  • 1: Shock resistant, not easy to age

  • 2: Small size, easy to store

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